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500 years of cooking skills

Best Kept Secrets, Culture, Food & Wine • By VIA Villas • Posted on April 07, 2015

Credits: Ristorante La Chiusa

Or how we enjoyed the best lamb ever cooked.

When we dined at La Chiusa in Montefollonico, we were choosing our main courses and the owner, Umberto, asked James what he had decided upon. James answered, "I'll have the lamb." Umberto responded saying, "Good choice, he said, my mother roasts the lamb to perfection." James cautioned that he wanted to be sure that the lamb was cooked medium-rare. To which Umberto responded: "Sir! Does 500 years of Tuscan tradition mean anything to you?" James, embarrassed and humbled, acquiesced. It was the best lamb he has had before or since.

Umberto Lucherini at La Chiusa, Montefollonico, Toscana.