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Five Things Not to Miss in Positano

Things to do • By VIA Villas • Posted on March 28, 2015

1. As alternatives to the sometimes crowded main Positano beach, visit the small, intimate beaches La Gavitella, Laurita and Arienzo beaches.

A short selection of magical moments you can enjoy, including adventures, food, gelato, perfect sunsets and the greatest food in Positano.

Enjoy one of the hidden beaches while relaxing on the Tyrrhenian sea shores.

2. Take the local bus to Montepertuso, have lunch at Il Ritrovo and walk back down the mountainside via the hand carved and hand placed stone steps to Positano.

3. Schedule one early evening to just have cocktails on the majolica-tiled terrace at Hotel San Pietro at sunset.

Sit down and enjoy a magical moment

4. Rent a small motor boat for the day, pack a lunch, sun screen and your bathing suit and take off up or down the coast. Drop anchor in any number of picturesque places and take a swim.

You'll find breathtaking views on every turn of the winding "Costiera Amalfitana"

5. Enjoy a lemon sorbetto from the little cart on Positano's piazzetta.

Nothing beats the italian brain freeze!

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Molto bene! The villa was perfect and made us feel like we really lived in the town rather than being waited on at a hotel like everywhere else people travel. Positano was wonderful and the views never stop. One better than the next. Thank you so much for making this wonderful property available and making us feel like real Italians... at least for the week. Keep up the good work. 

Seth and Stephanie.

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