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VIA News and Press • By VIA Villas • Posted on February 14, 2015

We were in the restaurant business for many years before creating VIA. During that time, we traveled extensively throughout Europe and the US always with food, wine and cultural destinations as our focus. We also documented our travels in a computer database for easy, organized access. 

Friends began to ask for our suggestions when they traveled which then evolved into a official trip planning service and vacation rental business called Giro d'Italia in 1997. Friends in Italy and chefs in France began to ask us to rent their vacation homes to our clients. This was a perfect match since our recommended travel experience was to stay in one place and explore the surrounding area rather than rush about trying to see as much as possible. We advised our clients to travel slowly and to always "leave room for the magic of serendipity" to occur. Our own personal experiences indicated this was the right way to enjoy Italy. This was many years before the term slow tourism was used.

Our company quickly morphed into Via Travel Design in 1999 as we began to offer clients the second-homes of friends as vacation rentals in both France and Italy. Our huge database of food, wine and cultural destinations began producing personally designed travel guides for each clients' individual adventure.

After 2001, we decided to focus entirely on Italy, our true passion, and have been refining our collection of villas, farmhouses and apartments ever since as VIA Villas of Italy. We continue to provide vetted travel destinations that surround each clients rental property using pdf-formatted documents for easy mobile access.

As our business keeps evolving, we want to introduce you to our Journal. A collection of stories, travel tips, places to see, recommendations and hidden gems in Italy. We hope each new article triggers adventures and ideas of your own; new ways to discover - or rediscover - Italy in its purest form.

A presto!

Lori Redmond and James Dominic